Dumpster Diving Yields Treasures

by mary April 29, 2013

Another of my favorite finds was a broken chandelier that I found in a dumpster thanks to my dog, Belle. 

My husband (Steve), Belle and I were out walking to Friedrich's for coffee (for us) and a biscuit (for Belle).  I stopped at the dumpster behind the shops to make a "deposit" and saw that someone had thrown out a broken chandelier including all the beautiful crystal glass pieces!  I called over to Steve and we proceeded to strip the chandelier of all the crystal, while my imagination was racing, thinking of all the things I might be able to do with the different shapes & sizes.  Since then, I've made at least 5 necklaces from various pieces -- including the 2 most recent ones shown here.  Three have sold, but these two are on my website. 


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Tough Girl Cameo

by mary April 2, 2013

Sometimes inspiration comes from people you've never met.  Recently, at my last "pop-up" show at Dorothea's Closet, a woman asked me about making a "tough girl cameo" necklace.  I'd never heard of tough girl jewelry before, but was intrigued, so when I got home I googled it.  Although I didn't find an actual definition of tough girl jewelry or tough girl chic, what I did find suggested it involved jewelry with an "attitude", jewelry that was "edgy" or adventurous and combined toughness and feminine qualitities (think pink).  And, while I didn't see any cameos, I did see jewelry incorporating skulls, rhinestones, pearls, keys, crosses, daggers, guns, hardware/gears, and lots of chain.  After reading a blog or two & looking at some of the images, I decided to try my hand at a tough girl cameo necklace, and here's what I ended up with.  I love trying new things, and it was great fun going through my stash looking for charms that had an attitude.  I may even wear it the next time I go out!





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