Valley Junction Art Market (May 19, 2013)

by mary May 20, 2013

What a day!  Yesterday I did my very first juried art show, the Spring Valley Junction Art Market.  The day started with weather forecasters predicting we'd see severe thunderstorms by late morning or early afternoon (scary).  On our drive over, it started to sprinkle just a little -- not a good sign.  By the time we were setting up, though, it was clear skies and beautiful -- great!  Not long after, though, the wind started to pick up, with gusts probably reaching 30 mph or more most of the day -- not so great!  Our canopy was straining (even though it was weighted down with 40+ lbs at each leg), my table covers were billowing up, & jewelry was tossed around on the tables & onto the ground repeatedly.  Thank goodness for duct tape!  We ended up taping everything down that moved -- table covers, jewelry, jewelry display necks -- you name it.  Steve (my husband) said we would have made Red Green proud.  The wind got so strong that shortly after noon, we took our canopy off for fear it might blow over (thank you to one of the other exhibitors who helped us).  Farther down the street, we heard some artists' tents did blow over, and others lost some of their works (glass and pottery) to the wind, so we were very lucky!  Just when things started to look like we

had made it through the worst of it, my phone died so I couldn't take credit cards!  (Later I learned you can take down the info & run the credit later on-line).  All in all, though, it was a great day -- I saw lots of friends, met many new people, had great conversations with people that stopped by our booth, sold some jewelry, and learned a lot (get a new better canopy capable of standing up to Iowa wind; always have duct tape, pins, & sunscreen with you, and focus more on what's going well -- like it not raining or storming on us -- than on what's not).  Special thanks to Belle (our beagle), who sat peacefully in the truck while we unloaded in the morning and spent most of the day home alone without complaining (if you know Belle, you know this is a big deal); and to Steve (my husband), who ended up staying with me all day (we hadn't planned that he would) -- I would never have made it through all the wind without him! 


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Icicle Neckace

by mary May 16, 2013

I took this picture from our bedroom window early in the morning after one of the last thaws in March of this year.  The day before had been very warm, causing the snow to melt from the roof onto and off the awning.  Not long after I took the picture, it started to warm up again, and the icicles dripped and slid to the snow below.  I love the fragile lacy look of the icicles hanging there almost defying gravity, and thought about how I might capture some of that look in a necklace.  That idea stayed dormant until a week or so ago, when I decided to give it a go, using some of the crystal chandelier pieces we'd found the year before in a dumpster (see earlier blog about our dumster diving).  Here's how the necklace turned out.


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