Does anybody else remember Rat Fink?

by mary June 18, 2013

Ed "Big Daddy" Roth created Rat Fink in the 1960s, supposedly as an anti-hero response to Mickey Mouse.

These charms are new old stock (NOS) produced in the 1960s by Henal Corporation of Brooklyn NY, and sold in capsules in vending and gumball machines.  These particular Rat Finks could be used as charms, or added to a ring base.

Rat Fink was very popular in the Hot Rod/Kustom Kulture scene, and was featured on t-shirts and in models created and sold by the Revell model company.  I never had a Rat Fink model as a child, but I did have a Mr. Gasser (another of Roth's weird creatures), as well as a Weird-Oh (created by Hawk Model Company, inspired by Roth creations).  I have no idea what happened to either of them, but sure wish I had them now! 

Rat Fink remains popular and is the subject of a website and an annual car show and reunion.  I found an assortment of Rat Fink charms on eBay awhile ago, and decided they made for a fun pair of earrings & a keychain.  I also used one of them as part of a 1960s themed charm bracelet.  All are available on my website at 


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