Icicle Neckace

by mary May 16, 2013

I took this picture from our bedroom window early in the morning after one of the last thaws in March of this year.  The day before had been very warm, causing the snow to melt from the roof onto and off the awning.  Not long after I took the picture, it started to warm up again, and the icicles dripped and slid to the snow below.  I love the fragile lacy look of the icicles hanging there almost defying gravity, and thought about how I might capture some of that look in a necklace.  That idea stayed dormant until a week or so ago, when I decided to give it a go, using some of the crystal chandelier pieces we'd found the year before in a dumpster (see earlier blog about our dumster diving).  Here's how the necklace turned out.


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