introducing Marx campus cuties!

by mary April 21, 2014

I'd like you to meet 2 of my favorite models -- Lazy Afternoon & Nitey Nite!  Both were made by the Marx Toy Company in 1964.  After bringing out a line of 6 inch plastic army men in 1963, Marx introduced the "Campus Cuties" series in 1964 in order to appeal to girls.  Marx produced 2 series of Campus Cuties, with 8 figures in each series.  Lazy Afternoon & Nitey Nite are from the first series.  I picked up both at a flea market that's held monthly at our State Fair grounds.

Here's Lazy Afternoon sporting a charm bracelet with an Island theme that I made with vintage celluloid charms & vintage wooden beads!


And, here's Nitey Nite, all dolled up in a charm bracelet made with old Cracker Jack/Gumball scottie dog charms and red crystal beads that I picked up at a local bead show.  I'm especially fond of the little gray scottie with the rhinestone-studded collar!


I think these old Campus Cuties make especially good models for bracelets!

Thanks for reading!


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