Introducing Charlotte

by mary April 26, 2014

I met Charlotte about a year ago at Funky Finds in Des Moines, although she wasn't Charlotte at the time.  (In fact, she wasn't Charlotte until I decided last night that that was the name that suited her).

At the time, I bought her thinking she would be a great way to display earrings or necklaces at shows.  When I got her home, though, I realized that my idea wasn't going to work -- there really wasn't any way to secure earrings or earring cards to her "ribs", you couldn't really see necklaces against her wicker body, & jewelry got tangled up in her "wickerness".

So, for a time, she sat on the cedar chest in our bedroom dressed on one of my vintage bed jackets & a vintage hat -- a nice addition to my other vintage ladies, but not what I originally envisioned.

Yesterday, I got another idea when I was looking at several pieces of vintage lingerie at Dorothea's Closet Vintage (also here in Des Moines) -- what if I dressed her in Victorian lace?  Just for fun, I brought home a 1920s chemise, an Edwardian sleeveless lace bodice, a Victorian corset cover, & a Victorian long sleeve lace bodice -- & then dressed her in layers.

I thought she looked lovely & very Victorian.  It was then I realized her name had to be Charlotte (after Charlotte Bronte)!

Here she is with 3 of my hand-crafted necklaces strung around her neck!  Now I can't wait to take her to a show


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