by mary June 29, 2014

Meet another of my favorite models - Athena.

I found Athena years ago in a small antique shop in Onawa, Iowa that I used to stop in on my way home from Sioux City.  I thought she was absolutely beautiful -- with her arms stretched out & her arched back.  She looked so ethereal & graceful to me. I named her Athena (goddess of wisdom) because I thought the name suited her.

Athena was also somewhat expensive, though.  As a reault, I probably looked at her & thought about buying her a half dozen times before I finally broke down & decided she needed to come home with me.  The next time I drove through Onawa, the antique shop had closed & I was so glad I had bought her!

Here she is modeling a couple of necklaces for the website (

When she's not modeling jewelry, Athena stands on top of a cabinet in the living room that holds our audio-visual equipment, next to a vintage store displace for hair color.


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