Beaverdale Farmers Market - July 8, 2014

by mary July 27, 2014

July 8 was my 2nd time as an "occasional vendor" at the Beaverdale Farmers Market.

Like last month, it was a great evening with temps in the 70s!  My husband Steve helped me set up my tent & booth.

Here's a shot of the finished booth. 

My neighbor to the north was selling gourmet jams that she makes herself.

My neighbor to the south was a face painter -- It was really fun watching her work & the kids had a great time!

There are lots of great produce vendors at the Beaverdale Farmers Market -- One of my favorite has sort of a community garden right in Beaverdale.  They grow the best okra!

Steve's cousin Ken was there with his WhirlyThings & barn birds -- there was a great breeze that night so it was fun watching all the whirlythings spin!

The Beaverdale Farmers Market is an especially great place for families too.   People bring their kids & dogs & just enjoy the food & music & the games that the organizers provide!

Like last month, I had a lot of visitors to my booth, which was great fun!  I don't know about other Farmers Markets, but I'm enjoying doing Beaverdale's, & am looking forward to my next one on August 12!

For more information about the Beaverdale Farmers Market, go to


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