Valley Junction Fall Art & Upcycle Market -- September 14, 2014

by mary September 21, 2014

Last Sunday, September 14, I participated in Valley Junction's Fall Art & Upcycle Market.  It was absolutely perfect weather -- the best I've ever experienced at one of Valley Junction's Art events.  The temp was in the upper 60s/low 70s, there was very little wind, & absolutely no rain (& none even predicted)!  This time, I was prepared for wind, too -- as we've learned to weight or tie down everything -- necks, earrings stands, anything that could blow over or away in the wind!

With the weather being so lovely, there was a nice crowd pretty much all afternoon.  I had a great time visiting with all the people that stopped by my booth to look at my jewelry.  I especially love talking with them about the stories that go with the pieces I've made, & hearing their stories about the heirlooms or odds & ends that they have at home.  Several friends also stopped by, including someone I knew from my years at DHS & hadn't seen for ages! 

I was really pretty pleased with how my booth turned out too.  (Steve & I had done a "dry run" the Sunday before in our driveway -- testing out different "props" & table arrangement.)  We landed on what we called a "modified Z" -- here's a picture from the front & the "back" side.

One of the things I really like is the table runner you can see in the first picture -- it came from my folk's & I think it may have been used as carpeting in a long hallway we had in the house we lived in until I was in 3rd grade -- Steve remembered seeing it in our basement & suggested using it!  I especially like the way it covers up some of the white table clothes. 

We also displayed jewelry on a dress form I picked up at the June Valley Junction Antique Jamboree that I dressed in Victorian undergarments I picked up from Dorothea's Closet Vintage sale rack, as well as an old multi-tiered plant stand & a little doll dressing closet that we got at a garage sale, & some old shells & driftwood.

The plant stand was especially nice for adding some variety in height.

And we used several old boxes I had from my folks to hold more necks, as well as a couple of old cardboard suitcases I've picked up at antique shops; & hung a necklace on an 33 1/3 album case we had.  And to hold earrings, we used the old 35mm slide case we picked up at the What Cheer flea market earlier this summer & a wire Eiffel Tower that Steve got me last year!

Here's another picture of one of the suitcases we used, plus we finally used some of the frames I've been collecting & fitting with felt -- in this case to hold bracelets.  We also used a couple of clipboards covered with music to hold necklaces, & little plastic frames that I filled with music, maps, & patterns etc. to hold earrings.  The little circular piece towards the bottom left is an old movie case that I filled with gravel & put bracelets in!

The little letters at the lower right are old scrabble tiles & other game pieces I've picked up here & there.  They spell the word "Inspiratu", for the charm bracelets & other jewelry I make that has "spriritual meaning" (e.g., new beginnings; health of body, mind & spirit; 5 elements & 7 chakras, etc.).

Here's a close-up of the wood shelves & metal cocktail cart we used on the "back" side of the booth -- both of these are collapsible, which makes them really nice for storage!  I got the cocktail cart at Funky Finds -- one of my favorite shops in Des Moines for mid-century modern odds & ends!  We used another of the clip boards, several small boxes, more of the plastic frames & an old jewelry box to displsy more jewelry.

And I used a little gold & green metal box on the lower shelf to hold my business cards!  We also used old crocheted doilies & furniture covers from my folks & some I'd picked up at Dorothea's Closet Vintage to cover the shelves.

There's still a little more I want to do to "refine" my booth set-up -- mainly think about something else to use for tableclothes (maybe burlap?) as there is still a lot of white showing.  All in all, though, I think it's really come along from when I first started. 

Part way through the show, I realized that maybe I have "come along" too, in that I didn't have nearly as much anxiety about this show -- in fact, hardly any.  I'm sure the great weather had a lot to do with that, as well as feeling better about my booth set-up.  It probably helped too that I've been doing more shows & am just getting more comfortable & confidant.

As always, thanks for reading & supporting small businesses!  And, if you'd like to see more of my jewelry, check out my web-page at


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