Charmed Bracelets by Tracey Zabar

by mary October 26, 2014

I've always loved charm bracelets -- both making them & wearing them.  I got my first charm bracelet when I was in grade school (& still wear it), & one of the first things I made when I started making jewelry was a charm bracelet.  I love the jingling sound they make when you wear them & I love that each one tells a story.

So I was thrilled when one of my instructors introduced me to charmed Bracelets by Tracey Zabar. 

Tracey's book covers the history of charm bracelets, noting that charm bracelets, in one form or another, can be found in almost every era of jewelry history.  Ancient peoples, for example, often wore lucky charms & other amulets to ward off bad spirits. 

She also covers types of charms & charm bracelets, & includes lots of pictures of charm bracelets from over the years.  In one chapter, she talks about charm bracelet themes -- I found this one in particular to be "up my alley", since almost all of my charm bracelets are theme-based -- including spiritual, lucky/game, travel, animal, political, holiday, etc.  Finally, she includes some advice on where to find charms & some other ideas for how to use charms.  For anyone

Here are just a few pictures of some of the theme-based charm bracelets I've made.

Spiritual theme . . .

Political theme . . .

Animal lover theme . . .

Travel theme . . .

And another travel theme . . .

And here's one I did for a photographer friend . . .

And here's one with a luck/game theme . . .

One last example . . . a holiday theme, in this case Halloween . . .

All in all, this book was a really fun read for me & inspired me to think of new themes to use in my charm bracelets!

To see more of my charm bracelets, check out my website at

As always, thanks for reading & for supporting small businesses!


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