6th Annual Garden Art Show & Sale - June 7, 2015

by mary June 9, 2015

On Sunday, I set up at Ken Keiran's 6th Annual Garden Art Show & Sale.

Ken is my husband's cousin & the owner of WhirlyThings.  He makes whirlygigs out of bicycle wheels & vintage glass cups, jello molds, hubcaps & more.  He also makes "barn birds" out of old barn wood & lithograh tin.  He has a huge back yard, & invites family members & friends who are also artists to set up for the afternoon as well. Ken & Marta also serve refreshments.

This year, the show included 3 of us that made jewelry (all very different styles), a friend who makes glass beads, a woman who makes mosaic pieces for the yard, a couple that make wood benches, a guy who makes copper geodesic domes for the yard (varying in size from a foot diameter to 6 feet diameter!), & a photographer.  A new addition this year was a friend who played guitar & sang throughout the afternoon!

It rained during the night, so we were all initially worried a bit about the weather, but it was great -- pretty warm, but with a slight breeze that made it quite pleasant.

There was a nice crowd & it turned out to be a totally lovely day -- I really enjoyed visiting with everyone that stopped by -- had a chance to catch up with people I used to work with, talk with some of the "regulars" that come every year, visit with some of the other artists, & meet new friends.  Plus sold some of my jewelry, including several of the new pieces I had made just for the show, like this wire-wrapped moss agate necklace & this pair of earrings made from some of Ken's vintage lithograph tin scraps!  (Pardon the quality of the pictures -- I was in a hurry to get things photographed before the show.)

A great day!

And now it's back to making more jewelry for ArtFest Midwest on June 27 & 28!




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