May 2016 What Cheer Flea Market

by mary May 18, 2016

May 6 began a new season of What Cheer Flea Markets -- and what a great beginning!  The weather was perfect & it was the biggest flea market yet at the What Cheer county fairgrounds -- not a single space as empty!

We had a great time checking out all the dealers, & I found a number of fun things to use in jewelry making &/or display!  Poor Steve didn't find anything for himself, but did spot several things for me!

One of the things Steve spotted for me were these vintage soda pop bottle tops -- the kind that were lined with cork. 

As you can see, we also found 4 vintage pinback buttons -- 3 from WWI & 1 from the 1950s; plus a broken vintage Paris souvenir bracelet & a couple of rough cut gemstones.  One of the buttons was for Victory Boys, which was used to raise funds during WW!.  Earlier, I'd found a Victory Girls pin-back button that I made into a pendant by setting it in a bezel.

I hope to do something similar with my "new" pinback buttons. 

Laat week, I made a French-themed charm bracelet using one of the links from the Paris bracelet, as well as links from 2 other souvenir bracelets & an Eiffel tower charms that I'd collected over the years.

And, yesterday, I finished a necklace using one of the soda pop bottle tops, that I prong-set in copper.

I looked up Nehi lemonade soda on-line, & found that Nehi soda fruit flavors date back to 1924 until about 1955, when the company changed its name.  Some may remember Nehi from Mash, where Nehi grape was Radar O'Reilly's favorite drink.

I also picked up this lithograph metal tray that I hope to use to make jewelry -- I plan to cut discs out of it that I can use in necklaces & earrings.  They had blue & white trays as well, but I'm sort of partial to red!

Finally, I found 2 things for displaying jewelry.  We found 2 plastic "things" at one of the $1 an item "booths".


Steve spotted them & came up with the idea that they could hold up to 3 postcards each that I could use as a backdrop for earrings.

I found the next item . . .

She was a little more expensive, but I loved her from the moment I saw her.  She's about 2/3 to 3/4 lifesize, but will make a great model for jewelry.  I debated about getting her, but knew if I didn't, I'd regret it!  And, something I didn't realize until we got home was that she had holes in her ears for earrings!  Then I knew I made the right decision.  Here she is modeling earrings.

We were pretty exhausted when we got home from all the walking in the sun, but it was a good exhaustion from a great day flea-marketing!

To see more of my jewelry, check out my website at

Thanks for reading, & have a great day!


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